rachel and matt....the wedding

words can't describe the fun that was rachel and matt's wedding. i mean, i could try, but i know i would come up short. their wedding party completely rocked my world. and one of the first things rachel said to me? "we are up for anything". music to my ears. they completely trusted us, and let me drag them into a field for their portraits. gotta love that. seriously, i was so overcome with their coolness that i may have at one point told them i wanted to marry them both. that is just how completely enamoured with them and their easy going, cutie pie, in loveness i was. ok...enough of me trying to explain in words my adoration of this wedding....let's get to the pictures, shall we?


gotta start out with some details shots. i know, i show lots of detail shots in every wedding post...but i am a huge details girl. so......







rachel was gorgeous


matt sent her a letter on the morning of the wedding....too SWEET!



rachel and her sister have an awesome relationship...not for the first time i was wishing i had a sister....





i love it when i tell the wedding party to look cool and they immediately get into these poses. they totally have been watching america's next top model...i know it


ok...and i know i always post a gajillion couple shots, but i can't help it...i love couple's shots. and when the couple gives me so much time...and goes into a field of burs, and hangs out around an abandoned mill for me? how can i not want to share a bunch of the shots with them. rachel and matt you totally made my week














rachel could rock the serious pose like no other



see that doorway in the far left of this one?


well...i climbed through it for this next shot...and to say it was CREEPY in that building is an understatement. i was pretty happy to jump back out after i took a couple shots


i had no clue this cake smash was coming...one minute they were totally sweet and loving and the next moment.....













 ~rachel and matt for having us there. seriously we couldn't have asked for a better day. you guys made our job insanely easy.

~to the wedding party! i laughed all day long. and to gretchen for lugging rachel's dress all over the church for me.

~ to dani, for being my partner in crime again. i am so spoiled to get to shoot with you so much lately.

(uhhh...is that a little "oscar-speechy", sorry it is late as i type this and i think i am still giddy over how great this wedding was)