katy and paul.....expecting

***ok...i have to start out this post with a note. i get nervous meeting new people. which in my job, i meet new people almost everytime i go out to do a shoot. and when i get nervous i tend to ramble. and when i meet expectant parents, i tend to ramble EVEN MORE because i adore talking about all things baby. so...i have to apologize to katy and paul if i rambled like an insane goon during your whole session. (i did stop myself short of telling a terribly embarassing and slightly inapropriate story about my a comment my husband made about me when i was pregnant having to do with national geographic ;) )*****

ok....now that that is out of the way, on to the photographs. katy and paul were awesome. even when i drug them out in a random field, and made them move this way and that and sit this way and that, they obliged happily. and seriously....katy is a one gorgeous mama-to-be. thank you guys for letting me document this super exciting time in your life. good luck and i can't wait to meet your new son!