bridget + charlie 3.2.1 (part one)

i said it once, but i will say it again....bridget and charlie's wedding was fabulous. they were such a fun couple, and the details of the wedding were just wonderful. thank you for such a great day. and seriously...the weather couldn't have been any better.... especially for March.

bridget is just gorgeous




she wore her mom's wedding dress, which she reworked a little. i think that is just awesome. i love it when a bride has a unique sense of style. it was beautiful!




i love the look on bridget's face when she saw charlie for the first time that day










as always, i have a surplus of ring shots








um, ya, i have a strange fascination with feet shots, i know.... i promise, there are lots of shots with faces too. ;)



their church (on the St Thomas campus) was awesome





no matter how many weddings i photograph, i never get sick of the kiss




i was so enamoured with bridget's wedding day style,  i couldn't stop photographing her...




and charlie was seriously awesome too!


i decided since i have a plethora of images from their day, i will break this up into two posts, so watch out for more of this wonderful wedding soon!


and i also have to shout out to my fabulous second shooter, kristin knudson. seriously.... i love shooting with you! check her out, especially if you live in the Rochester MN area...she rocks.