a tiny taste

i had a fantastic weekend in minneapolis. bridget and charlie's wedding was so gorgeous, elegant, and unique all rolled up into a big ball of love. for now i am just going to give you a teeny tiny sneak peak, but will have a proper blog post up after this weekend---when the couple gets home from their honeymoon.


so for now---



in other news---

*i want to photograph a birth. soooooo...if you are going to have a baby and want to remember that special day forever in photographs, contact me. seriously, i SO wish I would have had someone to photograph my births. as it is, i forgot the camera at home with amelia, and in the car (i didn't have much time!) with chase. the few photographs i do have of chase and i just about a half hour after birth are some of my favorite photos ever. if this is something you are interested in, shoot me an email.

*i am running a half marathon on may 3rd in La Crosse. everyone should join me and run it. or....come and cheer me on. i realize this isn't photography related. but it is ME related...and this is my blog, right?

*i am in the mood to travel. SO... if you are having a destination wedding in 2010, i have destination wedding specials. contact me ASAP!

ok....so this is one random post. i promise, next time i post i will be short on words and long on pictures, instead of the other way around.