maria and paul.....the wedding

maria and paul's wedding day was just wonderful, even though it rained all day. i have to love a couple that doesn't let the rain bother them one tiny bit. they were calm and happy and just blissfully in love all day, and it made for a perfect wedding day. it was so fun shooting at some different venues, and being in milwaukee. and all the details of the wedding made me so happy---I am a detail girl! so....with out further ado, the pictures!





i was so excited about this room that the girls got ready in. originally the church coordinator wanted to put maria and her girls in this ugly downstairs room,and the guys in this gorgeous parlor with tons of natural light, but maria wasn't having any of it. i am glad she wasn't the room was PERFECT for pictures




i may have had a teeny obsession with her shoes.




































a large portion of maria's family is greek, so there was lots of fun dancing















thank you to maria and paul and your families for including me on your beautiful wedding day! i had so much fun! and to maria and paul, i am SURE you are enjoying your honeymoon in Greece right now (color me JEALOUS!)


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