mike + sarah. part two

like i said, mike and sarah's special day was so lovely, i couldn't stop at just one blog post. i had to give them two. and it was just so great to be out shooting a wedding again. so let's jump back into the pictures!


and this, my friends is one reason that i adore  my new camera. a shot like this just wouldn't be possible without it.




i loved their cupcake cake. it was made by Kristi's Cakes and Pastries out of Wilton WI. She makes fabulous cakes! check out the bottom of the article linked for her contact info.


isn't sarah radiant?

mike's brother and niece gave them a very cute present



i love this photo of sarah's dad and sister

this little girl was so adorable on the dance floor....

i mean...seriously!


again, thank you to sarah and mike and your families for having us as a part of your day. and thank you again to dani for being a rockin' second shooter!