Best of 2009......Silhouettes

Okay, so I am finding more categories for shots than I thought I would, so this may be a long process..... and in thinking of categories, I may be straying from the norm a bit. But, ah well, it is least for me.......

You all know I am a SUCKER for the are some of my favorites

And to add a little extra for your favorite in each category and I will send that couple an 8X10 of the winning shot when all is said & done! To vote just add a comment letting me know your favorite! (Voting will run from now through January 17th) *Make sure to scroll down and vote for your favorites in ALL the categories!*


1. Beth and Mike's Wedding


2. Liz and Jared's Engagement Session

3. Jill and Tom's Engagement Session

4. Julie and Clay's Engagement Session


5. Sarah and Devon's wedding

6. Logan and Anto's wedding

7. Dani's Maternity

8. Ashley and Scott's Engagement 


9. Amy and Steve's Wedding

10. Alicia and Curt's Engagement Session

11. Jen and Zac's engagement Session

12. Kyle and Nicole's wedding

uh. ya. i guess that was more than 10