Best of 2009.....other details

Yes...another set of detail shots ;) Now, everything else OTHER than rings and shoes....

And to add a little extra for your favorite in each category and I will send that couple an 8X10 of the winning shot when all is said & done! To vote just add a comment letting me know your favorite!  (Voting will run from now through January 17th)

*Make sure to scroll down and vote for your favorites in ALL the categories!*

  1. from Paul and Maria's wedding


 2. From Beth and Mike's wedding in May


3. From Sarah and Greg’s wedding in May


4. From Kyle and Nicole’s Wedding



5. from Meri and Randy’s wedding in August


6. From Sarah and Devon’s wedding


7. From Becky and Kevin’s wedding in August


8. From Anto and Logan’s wedding in September


9. From Bridget and Seth’s wedding


10  From Claire and Jon’s wedding