Best of 2009.......Shoes

So, this post was going to be "details".....and then I realized there were so many SHOE shots I loved that I could do a post of just shoes. And, is my blog. So I am GOING TO!!!!! Here are my favorite shoe shots of the year---and yes, I DO think shoes can add a lot of style to a wedding ensamble....

 And to add a little extra for your favorite in each category and I will send that couple an 8X10 of the winning shot when all is said & done! To vote just add a comment letting me know your favorite!  (Voting will run from now through January 17th)

*Make sure to scroll down and vote for your favorites in ALL the categories!*

1. from Matt & Rachel's wedding in April


2. From Joni & Blair's wedding in May



 3. from Maria and Paul's wedding in March





4. From Marta and Ross’s wedding in June

 5. From Jess and Dillon's wedding in July


6. from Andy and Amy's wedding


7. from Sarah and Devon's wedding in August


8. from Jeff and Megan's wedding


9. also from Jeff and Megan's wedding in October


 10. From Jamie and Chris's wedding in October