.......the year's end........


I want to take some time to tell all of my fabulous clients (and friends and family) a HUUUUUGE thank you! You guys made 2009 an amazing year! I had so many absolutely wonderful weddings, I met so many great couples, and had so much fun with each and every one of you. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, because I just can't believe that this is my *job*. I am not just being sappy---I do love being part of your weddings and am SO grateful that you have hired me to capture your treasured memories. You guys ROCK, ROCK, ROCK! 

ESPECIALLY since I had a super crazy year, for lots of reasons, and you guys were insanely patient with me. I can't tell you how awesome you all are for that. Thank you for making 2009 a super great year here at Krystal Muellenberg Photography!!!!!

I plan on posting my favorites from the year in early 2009, so keep an eye out for that! 

A NOTE: I am taking time off to celebrate Christmas with my family. I will be out of the office from Dec 19-Jan 4. I will try to reply to emails and phone calls during this time, but it will be a little longer than normal, as I do really plan to step AWAY from the computer and focus on making memories with my adorable kiddos!