lynn and matt....the wedding

i knew when i shot matt and lynn's engagement session earlier this year that their wedding would be phenomenal. and i was not disappointed. first off matt and lynn are an amazing couple. we totally hit it off, as lynn and I are both runners and had tons to chat about. they have an amazing connection and it totally came threw in their day. lynn was a completely relaxed bride which always makes for a great day! and i LOVED all of their winter/christmas details. I am a HUGE christmas fan, so the whole theme was right up my alley! AND I LOVED LOVED LOVED that they were so up for outdoor pictures. they were TOUGH, let me tell you. We were outside for awhile and they didn't complain! and neither did their wedding party---which totally rocks. Thanks guys for an amazing day! 


ok. enough talking. on to the good stuff......

now this is some GREAT wedding footwear:



and one of the reason's i was SO pysched about lynn and matt's wedding......

she wore a RED dress! 


excitement when lynn was in her dress:

last minute style decision....lynn and some of her bridesmaids rocked out the crazy stripey socks! 



I know I have said it before---but I am not lying, there is a point in almost every wedding where I tear up....(at least) and this is one of those times.....matt was super teary eyed while waiting for lynn....and i loved when his mom reached out to support him....

Lynn had eyes only for her groom when coming down the aisle

I say this every time I have a wedding there......but I LOVEloveLOVElove English Lutheran church.... GORGEOUS light, and Pastor Melinda is fabulous! (I did her wedding in November of 07)


a moment alone after the ceremony:




since the wedding party were such good sports, they have to be in the sneak peek, right?

we went to the Rotary Lights in Riverside park, which made for some super fun are just a few:

lynn was jumping off a rock, and i was a little too close, but still found this shot funny

nope, she wasn't cold....not even a little bit ;)


if you look closely in this picture, you will see some bridesmaids racing back to the warmth of the limo


there was a surprise visitor at the reception


matt worked HARD to get to take the garter off of Lynn. It was hilarious. I realize not ALL the pictures in this sequence are "technically great"....but they were just too funny


thanks lynn and matt for having me! I had such a wonderful time! Hope you are having a great (WARM!) time in Hawaii!