back in....oh......the beginning of october, my friend alice and i went out and did a super fun vintage-y session just for fun. it was the midst of my uber busy season and i felt like i needed to shoot something JUST for me. we went to this AWESOME abandoned house. it was a super fun place to photograph. now i am wanting to go back with a couple or a bride. (if you are either and interested, contact me!) i am just now finally getting some on my blog.....and i have lots to share, and so i am going to spread it out a bit and only post a couple at a time.....since it is my slow {shooting} season right now.....and i want to give all my awesome blog followers something to see when they come here ;)

and uh...i guess "fun" is the adjective of the moment.....

more to come! Thanks to alice for being a super rocking model!