isn't it wild how fast this:  


can become this?


i SO loved taking newborn pictures of the adorable Teag. Who, in case you couldn't tell is the son of my friend Dani. Seriously, it is so fun to do pictures with Dani and Jason. They totally "get" me, and are up for anything all the time. Jason was shaking his head and telling Teag "see, I told you they would make you do crazy stuff". 

and i know i already posted to black and white version of this next one, but i honestly love it




and.....i know i am no longer booking family portrait sessions. BUT i have decided because I love newborns so much, if you would THIS SORT* of newborn session, please contact me, as I will take a limited number each year. Thanks! (PLEASE NOTE: I am taking NO more sessions until 2010. Also, I only shoot newborns in the first 14 days of life, so you will want to contact me BEFORE your baby is born to be sure to get a spot on my schedule)


*sleeping baby, no fussy outfits, natural light, complete trust in my vision ;)