amy and steve........the wedding

amy and steve's wedding was cold and rainy, but did it bother them? well....if it did there was no way to tell. they spend the whole day with a smile on their faces. i love it when couples are focused on their love, and the importance of that and their marriage and not all the other details they can't control. both amy and steve were SO laid back and easy going and in love. AND i so enjoyed getting to see amy's family again (i shot her sister meri's wedding two months back) i love this family! they are so sweet and make me feel right at home every time i see them. Thank you so much amy and steve for letting me into your day to capture your memories. i had a blast, it was gorgeous and i hope you enjoy your sneak peek! 


before the rain started steve and amy were able to have their first glimpse of each other outside


then the rain started in earnest and we had to get creative inside the church


these little girls were TOO adorable


of course it isn't a wedding blog post from me without a couple ring shots....

this was the cutest thing EVER! the two flower girls went down the aisle....older sister dropping the petals, baby sister picking them up. and she was COMMITTED to getting them ALL....she was still picking them up when amy and her dad came down the was ADORABLE! 

i've said it before and i will say it again......i am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of joy and enthusiasm on your wedding day

when the rain stopped we snuck down to the river for some moody dusky portraits

cutie pie little girls.....the littlest was REALLY eager to have her picture taken....



they had the traditional "anniversary dance" where all married couples get on the dance floor and have to leave according to the number of years they have been married. then the couple that has been married the longest gives advice to the married couple........ you can imagine the husbands advice to elicit such a response ;) {i won't repeat it here....but it was great!}

thanks again amy and steve...... for having such great attitudes on your wedding day.....for not letting the little things get to you......and for having me capture your special was WONDERFUL!