nichole and drew

early last week i took a gorgeous drive (it was a beautiful day) through Iowa to meet with Nichole and Drew. I am SO happy I did. It was well worth the miles to take their pictures around their home.....they had such perfect places for pictures. and seriously, we totally lucked out with the weather that day! nichole and drew are just too cute together. And Drew was so totally into the pictures, and being "in love" (my couples will all know what i mean), it was great! It isn't all the time that the guy enjoys the cuddling pictures as much as the girl! So kudos to you! I can't wait until your wedding next year! I look forward to coming back to Iowa for it! 


thank goodness it was a fairly warm day because nichole and drew went IN the water! (and because i don't like to make my couples do anything i wouldn't do.... i did too, of course ;) )


i really liked this light.....and even though it isn't a "normal" engagement picture, I really like it.....(and seriously, we all know i am not 'normal')

the light that evening was the sort of light i dream about. no. really. i do!





THANK YOU Nichole and Drew for a seriously lovely evening. You guys rocked my socks. I had such a nice time and I am so looking forward to your wedding!