alicia and curt

last sunday after becky and frank's session (see below) i met with alicia and curt in the experimental forest near west salem. i have never shot there before, and it was fun to be someplace new. alicia and curt are another great couple.....i am so blessed to be able to photograph so many great people......and we had a lot of fun! we got our exercise trekking around through the forest and fields, and through brambles. thanks guys! 

first we grabbed few with their ADORABLE dog! 




have i ever mentioned how much i adore light. especially late afternoon, mid fall light streaming through trees?

alicia and curt worked for this last picture...we hiked through a bunch of brambles and they hoisted themselves into the tree. good work guys! (one of the first things alicia told me is they would do anything. AHHHH how much i adore couples like that!!! Thanks guys!)