becky and frank.....engaged

becky and frank's sneak peek is the first of four engagement sessions i have ready for the blog, so stay tuned for more.

when we met up last sunday for becky and frank's session, i was glad to see the sun shining. it was a little windy, but given the way last week started, i was happy it was warm(ish). these two are a super fun couple, and i had a great time with them. we went to some places around la crosse that were special to the two of them, i love to shoot at places that have meaning for the couple. and.....becky and frank have no fear.... you'll see! Thanks guys! oh, and during our session becky mentioned how much she likes black and white photographs, so I am including lots in her preview!



 so.....this is why i say that becky and frank are fearless. we went up to the bluffs where they got engaged (not grandad's bluff---for those interested---the 'other' ones....) and they were all for sitting close to the edge (they were careful). i, on the other hand, was freaking out. even to look at the picture kind of freaks me out. I have NEVER been afraid of heights, and i wouldn't say i really am now...but when i get up on high places like that, the worried mom in me comes out, and i can't help but be a little freaked out. i actually made them move back from the edge in a few shots because i just couldn't handle it. 




i really,really,really (get the picture) like this last one