a fresh new year

happy 2009 everyone! and to Sarah & Mike, Maria & Paul, Bridget & Charlie, Cindy & Jeff, Rachel & Matt, Beth & Michael, Joni & Blair, Sarah & Gregory, Marta & Ross, Jody & Dave, Sadie & Shane, Jess & Dillon, Amy & Andy, Kim & Nigel, Meri & Randy, Amber & Seth,  Sarah & Devin, Amber & Jeremy, Rebecca & Kevin, Nicole & Kyle, Erica & David, Bridget & Seth, Becky & Jeff, Amy & Steve, Megan & Jeff, Jamie & Chris, Claire & Jon, Kim & Travis, Lynn & Matt--- HAPPY YEAR OF YOUR WEDDING! I am really just beyond excited to be a part of each and every one of your weddings.

so a new year is like a new slate. a time to make some goals that hopefully i can reach this year. i had a mini break this fall---well if you can call having a baby a break-- and while i was shooting some, it wasn't as much as normal, and i am ready to get back into the swing of things! it is going to be a great year. i thought maybe if i shared some of my 2009 goals here, i would be more apt to stick with them. and you guys can poke at me and make sure i remember them. so here are my goals and themes for the year:

  • get healthy! i need to start running again. i plan to run a half marathon again in may, so i need to start training for that. i need to lose 20 lbs of baby weight so i need to get out there and exercise.
  • ORGANIZE! organization is one of my pitfalls....just look in my closets...so i really want to get mega-organized both personally and professionally
  • in that theme...SIMPLIFY... i need to simplify things in many areas...
  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY...which will help me to simplify and organize
  • pick a personal photography project (well, beyond the 365-days of pictures I am doing for Chase and Amelia) and shoot for myself
  • write more letters. I used to love writing letters, and now with email that really never happens
  • keep my work fresh and new and try to always think outside the box
  • buy less--especially children's clothing, my one true weakness.
  • finish projects that i have been slacking on-- ie, the photo wall in my hallway, and the children's playroom

and i am sure there are more...but that is probably enough for now. like i said, i really think 2009 is going to be a great year. i am so excited about the travel I get to do--Minneapolis, Baltimore, Vegas, somewhere tropical perhaps ;)---and the fabulous weddings I will get to document. yay!

okay.. i know you guys come here for the photos, not my chatter...so i promise to post more image filled posts soon! but for now i will post one