looking back

i have been meaning to do a tribute to my 2008 weddings for awhile now, but haven't had the time to sit down and get done what i was meaning to do. and now we are plowing into 2009 and it doesn't look like it will get done. but i did want to say THANK YOU to my 2008 wedding clients once again. the fact that you invited me to document one of the most precious days of your life just makes me grin. it was a great season, full of wonderful clients. i laughed, shed some tears, was inspired by your love, and thouroughly enjoyed each and every one of you. your days were so unique and beautiful and i was lucky to be able to be there and record your memories. so thank you again. here is a little year in review of my 2008 weddings. Congrats again to each couple and i wish you all a lifetime of wedded bliss.


shanna + dustin


melissa + rob


deann and dale


nikki + darron


nicole + kevin


kate + randy


mindy + derek


ashley + brennon


marnie + david


anna + zane


jenna + matthew


sammy + lauren


missy + mike


tracy + jon


misty + jeremy


danielle + andrew


tara + shane


jenna + al


emily + nick


kayla + kevin


hannah + jarod

again to all my 2008 clients---thank you! you made 2008 great!