Emily and Nick.....The Wedding Slideshow

As I was going through Emily and Nick's wedding to select pictures for the blog, I couldn't stop. I got a little carried away. So I decided, ahhh what the heck, I will post a little slideshow of my favorite images. There was just something about this couple. There love was so pure and refreshing, and their wedding was a blast. I have to thank Karen and Justin,one of my couples from last year (they are in the slideshow) for referring me to Emily and Nick. Miriah and I had a BLAST! Seriously it was great. And just so you know some of Miriah's ROCKING images are in the slideshow. She continues to blow me away as a second shooter. (it must be the genes. ha!)

oh, and my fave three in non-slideshow form ;)

all taken with a my rented 85 1.2 can I say lens lust now?