Kayla + Kevin

So you may have noticed that I always post lots of bride and groom pictures. That is because I LOVE pictures of the bride and groom. And think they are some of the most important pictures of the day. At my own wedding I let Matt and I be hurried by the LIMO DRIVER of all people and we didn't get a lot of pictures of us (creative portraits) together. I really like my couples to make time for this. Seriously, you will probably regret it if you don't. And this time is definitely not all about posing. I would rather the couple just interacts, takes some time alone (well with me there, of course) to be in love and soak in the day and I will just photograph it.

And oh ya, it helps if the couple is totally blissfully in love like Kevin and Kayla. PLUS willing to do anything....like lay in the grass. And NO her dress didn't get dirty. ;)