Kayla and Kevin Part 1

I had the pleasure of shooting Kayla and Kevin's wedding for my last wedding of the season. Woo-hoo, I made it (and shot their wedding at 38 weeks pregnant). It was a great way to end the season. They are ANOTHER great couple (how do I get so lucky) that had so much fun and were so in love. And they gave me ample time for bride and groom shots (so much so, we are doing a two part post) This post will be "everything else" and later I will post a whole post dedicated to bride + groom creative portraits.

and a huge shout out to my cousin Sierra who was a great assistant for the day. she carried around all my gear, took some awesome shots, and listen to me complain about braxton hicks contractions. lol.

i don't usually post a lot of wedding party shots. but i do do them, so today i am going to post some

Kevin watching Kayla come down the aisle (image by Sierra Dobbs)

more wedding party shots

best man gearing up for the next shot (image by Sierra Dobbs)

this is sierra's view of the jumping shot. good air kevin!

Kevin and Kayla served their guests the cake, which I thought was incredibly sweet

they also played a rousing game of musical chairs

and as I said, I will post a bunch of bride and groom portraits tomorrow.