Danielle and Andrew.....The Wedding

Danielle and I were friends when we were just little, so when I heard she was getting married, I just had to offer to take some of her wedding pictures. I ended up getting to shoot with Ashley Henry, a fabulous photographer from Ohio who is friends with Andrew. It was a GORGEOUS wedding, so full of love and emotion, and just a bit of rain. Thanks guys for letting me be a part of your fabulous day.

Here is Danielle and I when we were just tots.

and the wedding

I totally teared up when taking this picture of Dani and her dad before they went down the aisle. AND Dani had the most fun expressions during the ceremony. I especially love how in love she looked when gazing at Andrew

it rained HARD in between the ceremony and the OUTDOOR reception. thankfully it quit before we all got there, but there was no tent and lots of people had to work hard on mopping up the water. thankfully dani and andrew stayed calm and had a great attitude about it all.

I have gotten REALLY lucky with rainbows this year. This is my third wedding where we got a picture with a rainbow

i think i take some version of the groom playing with his ring shot at EVERY wedding. but i think this is my fave

on the right is the talented Ashley. I am so glad I got to shoot with you!

they had a candy bar of sorts and i know at least one little girl who enjoyed it immensly

thank you again guys, it was a GREAT day!