Jenna and Matthew

I am so far behind on blogging, and I have so much to share. I have to apologize. I am still in South Carolina, but I found an internet connection, so I will share Jenna and Matthew's wedding photos with you all. Jenna and Matthew were one of my favorite couples ever. They were SO laid back and kind, generous, grateful and just truly in love. It rained on their wedding day and we still did pictures outside in the rain! Actually, it HAILED and Jenna was completely calm about it. It was great!

image on right by Miriah Dobbs

image on right by Miriah Dobbs

ditto (Right image, Miriah Dobbs)

we even braved the chance of getting kicked out of Wal Mart for some fun shots. How could I not TOTALLY LOVE this couple!

Thanks so much guys. I had an absolutely WONDERFUL time. Your reception was so much fun, and the two of you made us feel right at home. We loved every minute of it!