Danielle and Jason.... "Trash the Dress" One

I am probably going to do a couple of different posts for the images of Danielle and Jason's "trash the dress session" because, well, because I want to ;) It was just GREAT meeting up with Dani and Jason again. They were one of my favorite couples from last year, and I knew they would be up for anything in this session. And I was not disappointed. They were so much fun to work with. They went with every crazy idea that crossed my mind. And the light, oh my word, the light was TO DIE FOR. I want to do every session ever in that light. And to let you know, my TTD sessions aren't about trashing the dress at all. In fact, I like to do them as couple sessions, and basically just have no time or "dirt" restraints in getting images of the two of you together. And while Dani's dress got dirty, it isn't anything dry cleaning won't fixed. I swear, it was really more of a Trash the Photographer session. I was a mess afterwards! Okay, I will stop gabbing and post the first of the images.

and there are many more......but we don't want to waste all the fun in one post, so I will posting them in the coming week or so.

Thanks again guys for just being the coolest!