Kate and Randy: The Renewal

I just couldn't wait to blog Kate and Randy's renewal. If you are looking for previous weddings from this season, I HAVE blogged them, just scroll down!

I have a couple tips for getting great pictures on your special day based on Randy and Kate's day, so just bear with me for a second.

1. Plan time for the pictures that are important to you. You don't want to have to rush through them. If pictures AREN'T important to you, or if a lot of traditional and formal pictures are important to you, I can honestly say I am not the photographer for you, but I can suggest great traditional photographers to you.

2. Trust your photographer, and be up for anything. If I am your photographer, I may put you in a place that just doesn't seem "pretty", but honestly, you can can get great pictures, Randy and Kate were climbing on walls, and in parking garages, and it works. AND Kate's dress didn't get dirty, despite the fact that she was sitting on a dirty parking garage floor ;)

3. Try to not stress. I know this is HARD. I was one stressed out bride on my wedding day, but that is my BIGGEST regret. All the little things will come together, and if they don't....guess what? You are still marrying the love of your life, and THAT is what is important. It is much better to relax and enjoy the day than to get stressed out and worry about the small stuff. Take it from me (former stressed out bride) it just isn't worth it!

Okay, enough of a lecture. Randy and Kate's renewal day was PERFECT. they are SO in love and it shown from every pore of the day. Their ceremony was SO emotional and perfect, and I truly sobbed. In our picture time together, you could just SEE their passion for each other. I loved every single minute of the day, and I was SO honored to be their photographer (and friend!) I LOVE you guys! I could post more, more, more, but I won't. But be sure, when I finish their slideshow, I WILL be posting that.