Vote for Sarah

Sarah is one of the most wonderful dedicated atheletes I know. When I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2006 she ran it too. And while I have sat around doing (almost) no running since, she has gone on to run more marathons and is now tackling triatholons. Here is more about her story in her words:

"I need your votes again, for the last time, I promise! If you've already voted, you can vote again! In order to vote - send an email to: with 'Sarah McKibben - Final Round' in the subject line. That's it! Final round of voting will continue until THIS FRIDAY FEB 29TH at 11:59 PM PST.

Last year was my first year in the sport of triathlon (after dropping about 80 lbs and becoming a runner). It's something that I really enjoy and a good reminder of how far I've come from not being able to run at all to training for an olympic distance triathlon and a half ironman. I know that there are lots of stories like this, but I'm really glad to share mine.I'm taking part in a contest to be a part of a sponsored tri team. When I first heard about it, it seemed like something so beyond me. Until I sat down and faced my fears. It wasn't a fear of throwing my 'swim cap' in the ring, so to speak. It was because I knew I'd be opening myself up to being judged. This sport is full of the most athletic people around. If you come from my background - it can be INCREDIBLY intimidating. And that's why I decided to make my video. Because there must be people out there like me. Who are afraid to try it out because they don't think they can. Or because they think they aren't fit enough or fast enough. I want to help get as many people into this sport as possible, and also give back to the tri community any way I can. So I submitted the video below and now I'm a finalist. If I win the contest, I'll be on a sponsored triathlon team with a coach and will receive a new triathlon bike. All of that is cool, but the really fun part is that I'll be on a team with several other competitors, and it's something that I never thought would be possible.You can read more about the contest and me at or see my video here -"


She is really an inspiration!