hannah and jarod part 3

part three! (remember to scroll down to see parts one and two, if you haven't)

i was super impressed with hannah and jarod's mad skating skills. they looked like they were dancing on ice.

and then...... they fell. it was pretty cute though....

needless to say, they are still awesome skaters, and i was uberimpressed. i would NEVER be able to glide like hannah did in her dress.


a quiet moment

their band was AWESOME. anyone looking for a live band should book them. i can't find their card at the moment, but if you are looking for a great live band contact me and i will get you their info


my friend dawn and her adorable son (who is just a few weeks older than chase). you'll see more of them (and brad, dawn's husband) soon!!!

i love when the bride and groom give speaches


thanks again guys. it was a great time. i was so lucky to be a part of this wedding. you have an awesome relationship, an awesome family...and are just downright awesome (ok...didn't i just say i was going to find a new word to overuse? lol)