hannah and jarod part 1

i had the EXTREME pleasure of photographing hannah and jarod's wedding this weekend. hannah is a high school friend, and one of my "game night girls", so it was great fun. not to mention that it was the most unique wedding i have ever been to. i loved every minute of it. in fact it was so unique, i am posting A LOT of pictures...enough so to make it a three parter! wow. so let's get started!



hannah and jarod have three gorgeous girls.




I love how it always takes so many girls to get a bride into her dress.





these portraits were taken at dusk. love how it gives everything a different look








 here are a couple hints about what made hannah and jarod's day so unique 




have you guessed?




it was held on ice! the whole ceremony was held on an ice rink and everyone--bride, groom and wedding party were on skates. i did NOT skate...i can't imagine the pictures.....but i did slip slide my way around the ice to take pictures and managed NOT to fall.





hannah and her dad before the ceremony


look for part two, including the ceremony tomorrow. thanks guys for making me part of your day.