an ode to the peanut shell

i am sure you are thinking "huh"? but today, i had to go grocery shopping with both kiddos all by myself for the first time. and the only way i made it through unscathed was because of this wonderful, wonderful sling: The Peanut Shell. it is so comfy, chase loves being in it, and best of all they have so many designs that it is even fashionable. i actually have two i love them so much.

here are a couple of pictures of chase in his peanut shell. this is my microfleece one. i also have this one, that i have gotten lots of compliments on.

and while i am at it... here are some other "mommy things" i love:
fleurville's micropod (perfect for carrying a couple of diapers, wipes, and my wallet)
elizabeth mitchell's cds (kid music that isn't annoying!! woohoo!)
zutano clothing (so soft and nice and it washes up well!)
here are chase and amelia in some zutano