Jess and Dillon....engaged part 1

This session has all of my favorite things...flare, lots of kissing, walking away shots, big blue sky and a completely awesome couple who were up for anything and are completely in love! We took SO many pictures that I have a ton to share....and this is only part one! I will post more tomorrow.

Jess is one of my best friends and Dillon is an awesome guy! Jess and I have been friends for about 12 years! We were roommates for 3 years in college, and I am just SO happy for her and Dillon. They make such a great couple. We had a BLAST taking their engagement pictures. Well...maybe Dillon didn't have a blast, but he was a GREAT sport. I don't think I have laughed so hard while shooting ever. I am SO excited for their wedding next July.

love you guys!