365 days

Last year I did a project where I took a picture of myself (and one of Amelia) every day for a full year. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes it was a hassle, and sometimes my creativity totally gave out on me. But I am so glad I did it. It was like a pictoral diary of our life for a year. Since Chase has been born I decided to do another 365 day picture project of his first year (and another of Amelia--they change so quickly). I am not doing another of me---waaaaay too busy for that right now....but I did want to share some of my self portraits from the project when I did it.

day 15--being sad that my whole family was together and i was working

day 35---walking with amelia (look at how little she is!)

day 36--me, shooting me

day 45--snow angels

day 61--as any of my clients can attest, i have a "thing" for walking away shots

day 90...can you see which is me?

day 117--being nutty and playing in the rain

day 153--loving the sunshine

day 181--snuggling Amelia

day 226

day 234--playing cards against....myself

day 261--family portrait of a different sort

day 263--with sierra

day 296-- this is one year exactly BEFORE chase was born. we had no clue how are life would change in one year

day 310--random

day 321--matt will love me for this one

day 336--technically kate's self portrait of the day, but i nabbed it

day 353

day 356--and my cousins will love me for this one. we are one silly bunch

day 365--the end

so now that that super egotistical me filled post is done....lol... but really, it was a very interesting project, it made me shoot something EVERY day and think of new ideas. and even though I am not sure what I will do with ALL those pictures of myself, it is very fun to look back and see what I was doing last year.