I am back. I had a GREAT time in Baltimore. I really loved the city. I have heard some not so great things about Baltimore, but the area I stayed in, Fells Point, was awesome.

So.... a couple little lists about my stay

The good stuff:

* Fell's Point. Seriously, I loved the area. It had tons of character, fun shops, and yummy restaurants. next time when I go I need to take someone with me so I can eat at some of them.

*The Admiral Fell Inn where I stayed. I loved it. It was this quaint European-like Inn. Again, with tons of character. And SUCH yummy room service food. (of course, I ate my awesome chicken club with avacado and oreo ice cream parfait at 7 pm after eating NOTHING all day....but it was GOOD)

*The quesadilla I had for lunch on Friday. I don't remember the name of the place I ordered it from...it was right across the square from the Inn, but it was GOOD. I ordered hot sauce on it, and it was HOT. but ohsoyummy

*the cute shops. I went into one kids shop and it was just SO cute. I had to indulge in some things for Amelia.

* MOST of all... Melissa and Rob. They were a fabulous couple. On Thursday night I went with Melissa, her cousin Claire and her sister in law Cathleen to downtown Baltimore to do an almost bridal shoot with Melissa. It was a BLAST. It felt like I had known them for forever. And then the day of the wedding. WOW! I just really loved this couple. You will see in the pictures. But they were AWESOME. and oh so in love. I am SO honored they flew me out there for their wedding. It was just great.

SO I would definitely go to Baltimore again. So....someone else fly me out there for a wedding ;)

There were a few mishaps....

namely, I got lost on the way home from the hotel that we took Melissa and Rob's pictures at..... well, not really lost, just on the wrong roads, so I took a half an hour detour, but I found my way home pretty easily.

THEN I got back to the hotel room and found my suitcase zipper was broken, so I had to make an unexpected pit stop at Wal Mart the next morning for a new one.

I also had some not so yummy pizza that night. blah! and then in the morning no hot water in my hotel room (still love the hotel though)

but, for traveling to a new city for a few days, those mishaps were SO minor and being able to photography Melissa and Rob's wedding more than made up for it.

I promised them I wouldn't post pictures until they got back from their (very cool and envy inducing) honeymoon.... so everyone will just have to wait!