Danielle and Jason

Danielle and Jason's wedding was superb! Every little detail was just gorgeous. They put so much thought and planning into it. And it all came together so well. It was a cold day, but they took it all in stride and had a wonderful wedding. This is my last wedding of the year, and also the first time I had a second shooter with me, so I am posting more images than normal. Yep, some of these are taken by my fabulous cousin Sierra Dobbs. I bet you could never guess which ones she took, she is SO awesome! And only 17. I am in awe of her natural talent!

Danielle's dress was GORGEOUS.

So were their rings

Danielle was just glowing!

great little details were EVERYWHERE

Jason and Dani didn't want a lot of formal posed pictures, but they did give us a nice chunk of time with them alone to get some great moments between the two of them.

more great details

Thank you guys so much for having me be part of your wedding. I loved every minute.
AND....anyone else out there reading this....Dani and Jason's wedding was so well planned, and the details were sublime. I kept thinking how Dani should be a wedding planner....and guess what, she is! If you are looking for someone to help plan your dream wedding give her and her business partner Tasha an email. Their info:
Cloud Nine Wedding Design
Dani Stephenson
Tasha Mortenson
It will be well worth it!