Melinda and Greg--The Wedding

I am not exagerating when I say that Melinda and Greg's wedding was just awesome! It was so unique and everything was just beautiful. From Melinda's dress (more on this later), to their nighttime beautiful wedding, to the reception at the Pump House in La Crosse, WI, everything was just so THEM. I loved every minute of it. And the food, oh the food! (um, if you can't tell, I sort of like food. ha!)

They had a lot of gorgeous fall details.
more evidence of my mirror obsession.

for some reason this one just speaks to me about bridal preperation and the relationships with the special people on a very special day. (they are helping Melinda get "sparkly", I think...)

The sash on Melinda's dress was to die for! And (correct me if I am wrong), I am pretty sure she made it herself. Greg teaching his son how to tie a tie.

Melinda and Greg decided to see each other before the ceremony, and they had a wonderful first glance.
And a moment alone. I LOVE this one!

I am posting this one because I was just in love with Melinda's dress. Especially the sash. If Matt and I were to get married now instead of almost 5 years ago (!!!!) I would want a dress much like this.

another favorite
I also LOVED Melinda's shoes. I had a family member come out and tell me they totally didn't "get" the picture I was trying to get. Well this is it. All about the shoes....
Like I mentioned, the ceremony was just gorgeous. It reminded me of a Christmas Eve service for some reason. I think it just gave me that same happy safe peaceful feeling.

I LOVE the excitement in their newlywed faces

There were so many fun touches at the reception, but one was a well-wishes quilt, where everyone could write messages to the couple on squares that would later be made into a quilt.

Melinda's brother gave a super funny speech

Setting up one last portrait, Melinda's dad thought it would be fun to crash the picture.

Thanks so much guys! I just had so much fun with you! It was a lovely wedding!

(and Dani---you're next!!! Very soon, I promise!)