Back......and Swamped!

I had a GREAT time in TN. with Evie and Thomas's wedding, the fabulous Kate and Randy Crafton's session, and seeing the adorable Keaton. It was a great time.

But now I am back and absolutely swamped. If you are waiting for your pictures, thank you SO much for your patience. I am going to be editing like a mad woman and hopefully getting them to you as soon as possible! This is what I have on my editing plate right now:

5 weddings (plus two more to add this weekend)
2 engagement sessions
4 portrait sessions
2 album designs.

And if you are wondering what I do to "edit", here it is--- I go through each and every image and make each one look as fabulous as it can, so I spend time with each image you recieve. Lots of time and energy goes into the images, even after they are taken. I definitely don't just shoot them and slap them onto a DVD for you.

So, I REALLY do appreciate your patience, and like I said, I hope to have all your photos to you soon. Thanks!