Evie and Thomas

I went down to Tenessee for Evie and Thomas's wedding. And the trip was more than worth it. Their wedding was absolutely fabulous! And the food was amazing. It was just a lot of fun. And the weather was A LOT better there than it was up in Wisconsin that weekend....so that was an added bonus. Check out some of their pictures (and yep, I have added a watermark to blog pictures, so that is what that flower is on the pictures)

I had a blast with Evie at her hair apt. Her stylist was great!

Some details. I adored the room that Evie and her bridesmaids got ready in. RINGS!

Right after Evie and Thomas's first glance

a couple of fun portraits

Evie and Thomas were so in love, it was great!

I had a thing for mirrors at this wedding

you may have noticed I am trying out textures some.... although I hate when they are overdone, I love the feeling it gives to some pictures

a young guest surveying the mounds of cake
ha! now this is what I like from a portrait. too much fun!

Thanks again Evie and Thomas! I had so much fun at your wedding. Thanks for having me travel down there. It really was great. And there is a lot more fun where these wedding pictures came from, I can't wait to show you the rest.....