Ashley and Troy

Ashley and Troy had another absolutely fabulous October wedding. It was a little chilly, but the sun was shining and everyone was so happy. Thank you guys for letting me share your day. Oh! and there were cute kids everywhere!

Ashley's little sister was a great junior bride. love those nails!

it takes a lot of peple to get the bride and her mini-bride ready!
ashley looked gorgeous!

and her bridesmaids did too

i love this one of their rings!

the groom and his groomsmen were cracking up all day

Ashley's little brother was so hard to catch, but i did get this one of him hiding from me

i am posing this picture because i thought i would NEVER live it down. the groomsmen hassled me all day for "almost getting them killed" in the road. the car didn't even get close--and if it had, it would have hit ME not them....

two of the cutest flower girls EVER! and they did SO well for being so little

Ashley's newest nephew was there---and only a couple days old. he was such a doll!

fun with stain glass

ashley's program had a picture a lot like this on it, so we had to recreate it for her.

Ashley and Troy's little one is soooo cute.

and I have to post this picture of my neice (also Ashley's neice) because i just think she is adorable.

and this is a bride REALLY getting down at her reception. LOVE IT!

Thank you guys for having me there! I loved sharing your day. There are lots more where these came from!