That's me over there. I feel like it is always nice to put a face behind the photography, but I admit, I shudder when thinking what to write in any "about me" sections. There is a reason I tell my stories with images and not words. For a big glimpse into my life, you can check out my personal blog here.

These are a few of my favorite things: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....oh, no wait, that is someone all seriousness I like to fit into any event I photograph like an old friend who just happens to be snapping away with a really big camera. I love to connect with those I photograph. (and I promise to keep the lame humor to a minimum!)

other things I love:  *my four adorable (albiet crazy) children *my husband who puts up with my camera-mania *snuggling up in front of our fireplace with a good mystery novel *watching corny detective shows on tv *beautiful dreamy light in any form *traveling, whether on a brand new adventure, or to a much love spot *waiting for film scans  *emotion (it rocks, don't be afraid of it!) *honest, real imagery *my God who is my rock

When asked, I describe my photography style as artistic story telling. My ultimate goal is to tell the story of your wedding day, your relationships, your special moments in the most natural, organic, and artistic way possible.

I love working with couples who: *trust me and my vision to truly capture the essence of their wedding day  *are more excited about their MARRIAGE than their wedding day  *think outside the box . *are passionate about relationships, joy, connections, and good photography *understand that real, emotional filled moments are better than posed "must have" pinterest shots any day. 

Because I want to give all of my clients the time and attention they deserve, I only photograph a select number of events in a year. I also want to make sure we are the best match and that we "click" (I know, I know terrible pun!) so I would love to chat with you via phone or skype! 

I look forward to learning more about YOU!